Best Bingo Sites

When it comes to choosing the best bingo sites offers for your own individual playing preferences you most likely fall into one of two quite different groups. The first being the free bingo hunter. This is bar far the largest group and fortunately for those who fall into this category it is the one that the market primarily seems to cater for as this is where they get most of their players from.

Play at best bingo sites

As with anything in life we don’t want to spend our hard earned cash on something when we can get it for free, and this is obviously going to be the same with online bingo sites. This is why 90% plus of bingo websites have no deposit offers available to new players.

best bingo sitesThis is done to draw in large numbers of new players, most of us will just seek out the freebies and play without ever depositing, just for fun and without real ambitions of hitting any big jackpots and making money, simply enjoying the game and the chat rooms is enough for most of us. It can also be a great place to make new friends and even some people that you may meet up with in real life, though we don’t recommend this unless you can be 100% sure of any given individuals credentials.

Free bingo websites

The free bonus are there in reality to get the numbers through the door so to speak, however, the tactic is used because inevitably a certain amount of players who come for the free bingo bonuses will go on to deposit real money and become regular players.

This is essential for any bingo site as money is needed for them to stay up and running. so although the majority of players are there just for fun there will be  select few who deposit real money and play for bigger stakes, those of us who are purely freebie hunters should be thankful to these individuals as it is thanks to them that new freebie bonuses keep getting handed out.

Bingo deposit bonuses

The second, much smaller group, is that of the deposit bonus hunters. This group is made up of a tiny fraction of the amount of players from the freebie hunter group. Here we’ll see players seeking out the biggest percentage on the initial deposit bonus that they can get.

Not long ago players would have  been happy with a mere 200% to 300% deposit bonus but now due to the cut throat nature of the online bingo business the bonuses have been getting progressively bigger with more and more players entering the market.

It has become essential for any new bingo site to offer outstanding bonuses to make them stand out from the legions of other sites and allow them to get a foot in the door. This has seen bonuses rise to ridiculous levels that we would never have thought of only 3 or 4 years back, including bonuses of up to 800% but with 500% and 600% becoming the norm these days. We have done our best to seek out these deals and offers on our pages to make sure that you have immediate access to the very best bingo bonuses available online all in one place without the need to go and look any further.

Licensed bingo sites

So, what else should you look for in a bingo sites and the bonuses that are offered? Well, we would certainly say that you should check any new site to make sure that it’s controlled by one of the gambling control boards and you’ll find this information on the homepage of every site you check.

It’ll be located at the bottom of the page and you should look out for Alderney Gambling Control commission as this is associated with most bingo sites. If you don’t see that a site is vetted by this then look deeper and perhaps avoid playing there.

Wagering requirements

Other things to look out for on deposit bonuses are the wagering requirements that go with them. This is always going to be a major issue as some sites will put in place huge wagering requirements that will prevent most people from ever being able to withdraw any winnings that come as a result of the deposit bonuses, this is especially true if a site offers free spins on their slot machines.

Here the money that can be won is a lot higher and so the bingo sites need to protect themselves from the possibility of having to pay out huge amounts on the free bonuses they give.

When it comes to no deposit bingo bonuses you will simply need to accept the fact that it isn’t real money in almost all cases and that even when you can win real money from the free bingo bonuses it is likely to be very small amounts and any wins will be rare.

online bingoThis is because it simply isn’t a viable business model for online bingo sites to give away free cash, with the amount of players seeking them they would be out of business in days or even hours. So, although it’s fun to play with these freebies don’t get into the mindset of hunting them down day and night in the hopes that you can make some real cash as in reality this just won’t happen.

Thanks for visiting our site and we really do hope that you have found the best bingo bonuses online as this is our main priority. We also look to play at each bingo site that we recommend and make sure that it reaches our high standards. so, if you happen to have had any issues with anything or if you have some questions and even perhaps if you would like to recommend we review a new site then please head on over to our contact page and drop us a line.

How to Play Bingo??

Bingo is one of the most popular games of all time that has been around for almost a decade. Traditionally, bingo was played in bingo halls, casinos, social clubs, and even church halls, and is still going strong in these venues to this day. However, a large number of people now play online bingo, even since the possibility of playing for real money online became a possibility. KingoCasinoBonus just published a Rizk casino review with special welcome bonus for first time players!

You don’t have to travel to a venue to play bingo nowadays as a lot of variations are readily available online. Playing bingo online is not only easy, but when you get to leverage on attractive bonuses, cash prizes, and much more by registering with a casino site or on a real money game site.

Let’s take a look at basics of playing online bingo and the experience that it brings. If you are interested in playing bingo, then read this guide to help you get started the right way!

Online bingo works in the same way traditional bingo does. You will purchase a set of randomly selected cards from the game, where most sites allow the ‘change cards or new cards’ feature if you don’t like the numbers on the cards you have been issued. Every player on the table has a caller and a display board showing the numbers and the patterns you want to use. Most bingo software will automatically mark your numbers and call bingo on your behalf, but you have the option to do so manually.

The ‘Option’ feature, common in most online bingo games, allows you to toggle between automatic and manual gameplay, along with changing the colour and shapes of daubers. It is possible that some sites may have a ‘Pre-purchase’ option allowing you to purchase cards whether you are playing the game or not.

Bingo Variations

As you may know, there are 75 to 90 possible bingo numbers, depending on whether the bingo site follows the US rules or the European rules. All numbers are represented in random number generator tab by a ball. The announcer, also known as the Caller, will announce it to the table, and the players will check their cards and see if the number appears on them. It the number is there, the player will mark it by clicking the card (can be automatic by turning on the auto daub feature).

Now when a player has bingo in the displayed pattern, then he/ she will click on BINGO to claim the prize. If you are new to bingo, then it is highly recommended that you use the auto daub feature as it will help develop understanding of the game.

Most online bingo software, if not all, have a ‘best card forward’ option, where you can minimize or maximize the cards using a + or – button that enables you to see more cards at the same time. This allows you to view the cards that are closest to your desired pattern and puts the #1 card position on the screen.

Simple as it is, online bingo is one of the most popular games today, so there is no reason why you should not try your hand in it. Now that you know the basics of bingo, it is time you decide which sites you want to play the game on. As a practice, we recommend that you play on reliable and secure bingo sites, and if you are playing the game in an online casino, make sure the site is regulated. Following that always have a look at the promotions and bonuses that can enable you to leverage on the online gaming experience.

Online Bingo Winning Odds

The winnings odds in online bingo are more or less the same as in traditional bingo, depending on which variation of the game you are playing. Provided that all the players buy the same number of bingo cards, each player on the table has an equal chance of winning as the person next to them. Hence, if there are 20 players in a bingo game and each player has taken two cards, then the odds of winning will be 19:1. In other words, the probability of you winning is at 5%.

On the other hand, provided that all other players were buying just one bingo card where you bought four, then your odds of winning will increase to 5.8:1, which will increase the winning probability to 17%. The point here is that the number of cards that you play with has a major difference on your winning odds. Since it is a game of chance, and any number can be a winning number, the more cards you buy, the better the chances of you winning at bingo!

Bingo Bonuses & Jackpots

The top bingo sites offer a wide range of bonuses, promotions, and amazing jackpots that are similar to what online casinos offer. Since bingo is available to play on some casino sites, you can take advantage of their bonuses and promotions that allow you to get free money to play more games. In terms of jackpots, players can win up to €150,000 in progressive bingo on different sites.

Depending on the bingo site that you sign up with, you may get a welcome bonus, which is awarded either by signing up or matching the initial deposit sum. For instance, offers a Deposit Bonus of 200%, where if you deposit €100, then you will get €100 as rewards that can be used for playing bingo and other games. Bonuses and promotions allow you to enjoy the exclusive experience that a bingo or casino site has to offer. In fact, some sites maintain a Referral Bonus, where you can get free money or cash bonus by referring the site to your friends and family.

When it comes to bonuses, promotions, and even jackpots, you should read the terms and conditions of the promotions and jackpots as a practice. This allows you to make sure that you are in compliance with the terms and can benefit from the promotions. It also helps you find out when you can actually withdraw your earnings without making a promotion void.

Some bingo sites entertain a Reload Bonus for existing players in place of the welcome bonus, where you get bonus on matching the deposit amount. Some sites also have a Loyalty Bonus, where you get rewarded generously by actively playing, making regular deposits, and basically showing your loyalty towards the site. Free bingo games and giveaways are some of the promotions that you must expect from a top bingo site. Provided that you understand the game and are playing on a reputed site, you will have lots of fun playing online bingo.